When/Where will the WiSH Wagon be...

Hello lovelies!!! 

What an interesting journey this has been!
I don't know about you, but I had a rough ride through - due to having some health issues too.

But yay - I made it and Maggie did too... though I did lose a few - did you?

The Wagon's been sitting and is quite torn apart.

And my stuff is in shambles - don't know where to start.
But what I do know is that I will be guided all the way

To bringing the world a much better day...

after day...

after day.



In true WiSHing FAEry style, I put out a WiSH to help the world smile.

And then, by golly - what comes next? It happens that I am blessed - with THREE producers that want FIVE shows!!!  

I WiSHed - it Happened - That's how it goes!


Getting the Wagon ready will put me to the test.

And on this test, I shall do my best.

My next WiSH - The Wagon will be ready in perfect time.

I hope you enjoyed this informational rhyme.

And now - without further adeui (to you and you and you...)


April 8-10
Lucidity Music Festival (My absolute favorite Music Festival of all time!!!)
This year is : Regeneration Earth (sounds right on time)
Santa Barbara, CA
Lucidity.com for tickets

April 23

Mystic Faire - ummmm... 2? - 5? pm... definitely pm

Windmill Library - Las Vegas

Lots to see!!!

The above is why I'm there, BUT - I - Penelope Pendragon - will also be doing a Beautiful, Bodacious, Brilliant Bubble Bonanza ... including a who, what, when, where, why and how
(S.T.E.M. style - yay acronyms!) about building the best bubbles to sooth the world's troubles.

I would love to tell you where it is, but I don't know yet... I think it's near the above mentioned Windmill Library - but again - dunno.


We are looking at the different libraries to do a storytime with the wagon on the 22nd (the Day before) - please, stay tuned for more.

If you would like to book the wagon, here are the Wagon Booking FAQs

For the actual booking click the button in the top right corner.... or just click here.