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When/Where will the WiSH Wagon be...

Here's where the WiSH Wagon will be.... in 2024

May 17-18

Fresno Pirate Invasion

Kearney Park

I was planning to start my tour in the Redwoods, but I was instead kidnapped by Pirates enroute.d



June  1-2

Redwood Mountain Festival

Felton, California - In the Redwoods!!!!

I am so excited to start my tour with this festival experience in the Redwoods.  Not only is it being held in a magical place, its being held by magical people.


June 8-9

Novato Art,Wine and Music Festival

Downtown Novato, California

This will be my second year at Novato Art, Wine and Music Festival. Last year I danced and hooped and spun poi to the music in the streets, enjoyed some of the art, sampled chocolates from Ghiradelli and bubbled up the main drag.  Let’s do it again Novato!!!!


June 13-16

Solano County Fair

Solano County Fairgrounds - Vallejo, California

Last year on my way to Novato I passed a gigantic cow on the side of the road and I wondered why… turns out, it’s the Solano County Fairground and this year I am invited to the Solano County Fair with The Whimsical WiSH Wagon. I plan to lift spirits and fill the space with L.O.V.E.… and bubbles.

June 21-23

Fairyblossoms Festival


The Fairyblossoms Festival is happening at an actual CASTLE this year. Fairyblossoms is a family-friendly, weekend festival celebrating fantasy, myth, magic, beauty, craftsmanship, games and art! 



July 5-7

Centralia Fantasy Festival

Southwest Washington Fairgrounds - Centralia, WA

You are encouraged to dress up and have fun with costumes and props! Play along in a Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit style of dress and behavior.



September 20-22

Realms Unknown

Woodland, Washington

The Realms Unknown Festival is a 3-day, all genre fantasy festival with camping, nestled on 50 acres of lush greens in Woodland Washington on the Lewis River Golf Course. We are an interactive event offering experiential activities and unique entertainment for all ages! 


October 11-13

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival

Las Vegas, NV - At Sunset Park

Come visit the Enchanted Forest Experience where you can make merry with mermaids and faeries and explore even more.  

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