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With robust imagination and a solid understanding of the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction, Penelope V. Pendragon “edu-tains” children (of all ages) with Seussian style and Faery flair. 

“Attitude is everything!” she explains with passion,

“It determines whether you are happy or sad, joyful or mad…

 whether life is good or bad. 

Attitude is what directs your boat… It keeps you and your boat, afloat.” 

Her whimsical ways and amazing acronyms keep both children and adults entertained. She educates on Feeding Faeries (positive thinking), Starving Goblins (negative thinking) and how to get WiSHes to come true.

“If I can teach the children HOW to think vs. WHAT to think, it will change the future and we will have peace in this world.”


Although she floats around like a woman with no worries, Penelope is no stranger to hardship.  Raised with a bipolar sister, married to an abusive man, survivor of cancer, winner in a weight battle (100lbs).  Penelope has taken these experiences, learned their lessons and now translates them in her magical way to others who are going through the same things.

In 2011 Penelope Pendragon created a magical structure called the Whimsical WiSH Wagon. Best described as Law of Attraction meets the Faery Realm as told by Dr. Seuss.  Inside you will find the Magic Mirror where you tell yourself “three things you love about YOU” (for some this is amazingly hard to do).  There is a Faery Habitat created entirely with reclaimed materials including an enchanting electrical river built with the teeniest hair thin fiber optics extracted from a surgeon’s lamp (circa 1990’s).

And last, but certainly not least, there is a WiSHing Portal at the exit where you are instructed to be sure your WiSH is stated as present tense, using only positive words.

Your WiSH should be personal (that mean’s just for you because if the other person isn’t WiSHing it too, that WiSH should not come true.

It would also be nice if your WiSH was precise.

Then you whisper your WiSH into the Portal, touch the magic wishing ball and when the energy connects to your fingers, you know the Faeries have heard your WiSH.

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