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WiSH Workshop Info

In this WiSH Workshop you will learn how the things that you say are shaping your day and what you can do so better things come to you.  I will share the four step formula I created to teach kids about the law of attraction, then go deeper into the process.  We'll also talk about WiSHes that have come true in wonderful (and not so wonderful) ways.

I keep things whimsical and fun, but at the same time, its deep wisdom that has been studied scientifically and spiritually.

I know that for many who know me and my work, they feel compelled to bring the little ones, but this workshop is for those that have had actual life experiences.  I set the age at 15 and up, but if you have an advanced 12 year old, they would get it.  But a five year old is still wishing for a pet unicorn so the process is lost on them.

Please RSVP with the form so I know how many chairs I'll need.  There is no cost, but I do appreciate love offerings (even if its just helping put the chairs away after).

See you Wednesday!!!



Yay! See you Wednesday. Please bring paper, pen, a WiSH and your inner child.

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