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2024 EPK – Whimsical WiSH Wagon
Contact Info
Penelope V. Pendragon,
The WiSHing Faery

With a robust imagination paired with a solid understanding of the power of positive thinking, Penelope “edu-tains” children (ages 4-104) with her Seussian style and her Faery flair. Her whimsical ways and amazing association of acronyms keep both children and adults entertained as she educates on Feeding Faeries (positive thinking), Starving Goblins (negative thinking) and how to get WiSHes to come true (manifestation).
(WiSH = What is Stated, Happens!)
With Penelope comes a magical recycled art structure called the “Whimsical WiSH Wagon”. Inside the WiSH Wagon it is certain you’ll find, magical things of more than one kind. If you read the walls, it will teach you what to do to get your best WiSHes to come true. “Kids”, of all ages, enjoy finding Faeries in the Faery Habitat, stating three things they love about themselves in the Magic Mirror and whispering their WiSH into the Wishing Portal. It’s an enlightening experience for the whole family!

"The WiSH Wagon is Entertaining, Educational, Enchanting and Environmentally Excellent!” ~Downtown Zen Magazine, Las Vegas


“Everyone loves the Wish Wagon. Penelope has a way of engaging people that makes
them instantly feel good. Its not just that she’s teaching positive energy, it’s the fact that
she radiates that positive energy… and everyone feels it.” ~ Rich Strelak, Pirate FestLV

“Just walking into the Wish Wagon makes you feel good. There is something magical
about it. When you look around, you realize how much imagination and inspiration it
took to create. Then, when you meet Penelope, you realize that energy really is
everything.” ~Steve Moss, Koroneburg Renaissance Festival

“She had my whole family mesmerized with her stories.” ~ Mariah, age 33

“The Wish Wagon was my favorite thing at the fair!” ~ Nakita, age 13

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Past Festivals

Clark County Fair (70,000)

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival (46,000)
Las Vegas Pirate Fest (5,000)
Downtown Summerlin Mall “Treat Street” (5,000‐in 3 hours…whew!)
Las Vegas Children’s Festival (4,000)
Boulder City Renaissance Festival (2,000)
Zappos Corporate Challenge (2,000)

Clark County Libraries (multiple locations)

Norco County Fair (30,000)

Placer County Fair (13,000)

Santa Barbara Summer Solstice (15,000)
Koroneburg Renaissance Festival (10,000)

Novato Festival of Art, Wine and Music (6,000)
Lucidity Music Festival (5,000)
Big Bear Renaissance Festival (7,000)
BigBear STEAM! (1,000)
Escondido Renaissance Festival (5,000)
VegeFest LA (5,000)

Tulare Renaissance Festival (3,000)

Fresno Pirate Invasion (2,000)

Oregon Country Fair (80,000)

Sherwood Robin Hood Festival (8,000)

Troutdale Summer Fest (6,000)
FaerieWorlds (3,000)
Newberg Lavender Festival (2,000)
Hermiston Lavender Festival (1,000)
Shrewsbury Renaissance Festival (4,000)
Canterbury Renaissance Festival (5,000)

Glastonbury Renaissance Festival (500)
Second Star Festival (2,000)
Canby Junk Refunk (3,000)

New Lincoln County Fair (4,000)

Fairyblossoms Festival (2,000)
Meeker Days /Puyallup (15,000)
Maple Valley Days (4,000)
Rusty Scuppers Pirate Daze (5,000)

Realms Unknown (500)

Press Coverage
Downtown Zen Magazine

The View–Henderson

Las Vegas Review Journal
The Outlook
East Orgonian
Tillamook Headlight Herald
The Chronicle
The Medium

Blogs and Vlogs
Fairy Mom on the Road
MoniqueRenee Fairy Princess Vlog


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