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Wish Wagon Booking FAQ's

·         What do you ask for payment?

I created the WiSH Wagon and my WiSH Workshops shows more to make the world a better place, so it’s not about the money for me.  However, just like everyone else, I have to make a living.  Unlike everyone else, I have a rolling house that gets 7mpg towing the WiSH Wagon. Therefore, I've found that a sliding scale works best for me.

Early in the year, I book larger shows that have an actual entertainment budget.  So I ask that you make me an offer based upon your budget.
If it’s enough for me to secure now, I build my tour around you. 

If not, I ask how many attendees you have. If it’s enough, I ask for permission to sell my little WiSHing items for the extra. This takes a little more of my attention, but it also keeps me consistently engaging with the attendees as I tell stories to sell my wares.

If its still not enough, I will put you on my list of shows that want the WiSH Wagon, but can’t afford it.  Then I'll let you know ASAP if I book shows around your area, or en route, either the weekend before or the weekend after so my gas cost isn't very high.


·         Is this an ongoing performance or do you need a special time slot?

Both actually.

The WiSH Wagon is open to tour all day long and I’m at the entrance telling stories throughout the day (with larger shows there’s often a line). 

I also like to have scheduled performances so I can do a group story-time (ALL ages).  The schedule is more for the attendees than it is for me. In the past I’ve done unscheduled shows and had sad attendees that wanted to see them, but didn’t know when to be there.  So, its best if there are scheduled shows. 

I will break out with bubble play randomly throughout the day (to announce the showtimes typically) and I will engage the audience throughout the day with short stories and encouragement to go inside the WiSH Wagon. 


Side note: If I will be in a program, you tell me my word count and I will send you my description and a photo.


·         How long is your show?

My kids shows go about 20-25 minutes.  I start with the first five minutes of bubbles to draw my crowd.

I can also do more ages 15-50 oriented “WiSH Workshops”.  The little ones get bored in these because they are more “Workshop” like.  The teens and the adults love them, but they do take about 40 minutes.  These need to be scheduled and explained.


·         What is the size of the space you need for you WiSH Wagon?

The WiSH Wagon (with stairs) is 10.5' deep x 20' frontage.  If I'm outside I need shelter so I put a purple 10x10 over the hitch which adds an additional 7' to bring me to 10.5' x 27'.  If space is a big issue, let me know ASAP and I can bring my big umbrella which cuts it down' to about 10.5'x24'.  If space is SUPER DUPER crunched, I’ve used an adorably decorated, but not very practical because it hinders my activity, personal umbrella.

FYI for proper placement: The entrance to the WiSH Wagon is on the front "passenger" side and needs space at the frontage for a place to gather a crowd and possibly play with bubbles.  All ages (1-100) love the bubbles.  Adults stop to watch and often give in to the urge to pop them.  If you do want me to do bubbles, this means to think about the booths around me... (photographers love me, right up until I pellet their prints with bubbles). I don't HAVE to do bubbles, but they are REALLY popular.  I use them primarily to gather a crowd before a show and to keep the little ones listening between bubbles.


·         Do you need electricity?

Nope!  Proud to say I am solar powered. 

I have four 80watt panels on the top of the wagon (facing different directions) and five deep cell batteries to run a slew of LED lights.

The only reason I would need power is if I don’t have sun for a few days in a row… or if I’m indoors for more than two days and running all my lights.  There are daytime lights and nighttime lights (which are AMAZING)…. But they do take more power.


·         Do you sell anything?

I can sell items if I need to.  It’s not a big money maker, more like a supplemental income.  My items are handmade, yet small and inexpensive ($4 each or 3 for $10). The main products are WiSHing Dust, WiSHing Water WiSHing Bubbles and I’m adding small storybooks this year.   Each of my products has a little story scroll that goes with it that has a fun rhyming life lesson.


Stuff no one asks, but should know:


I will need to arrive as early as possible for setup.  I'm a remarkable driver, but maneuvering a 28' RV with a 20' trailer around a bunch of scattered 10x10 tents is no fun, so I'm typically the first one in and the last one out.



As an added bonus: In addition to the entertainment and attraction I bring, I also provide a human interest, feel good, press release for some additional free publicity for the event and since I will need my RV somewhere onsite, if you park me in a good traffic location, I will happily string a banner for the event on it to get passers by to come to the festival.  This was a lot more valuable when I had my last RV with the big purple and blue dragon painted on it... but is still good with this new one.
ALSO, if I am in the area ahead of time, we can make an arrangement to hang a banner on the WiSH Wagon and I will happily park in a public spot, or drive through town at rush hour so people get curious.  This is an additional cost.



I am highly sponsor-able!  I even have ad specialty items like bookmarks with inspirational sayings all the way up to books that people no only take, but cherish!  If you cannot afford the WiSH Wagon at your event, if you turn me on to sponsors who may want exposure at your event, but don’t want to staff a booth, I can work with them on the best plan.
Past sponsors include: FedEx, Wave Wireless, Guild Mortgage and Design&Dine Art Studios. 

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