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WiSH = What is Stated, Happens is a WiSHer's Manual designed to show you how to get your BEST WiSHes to come true by shifting the things you say and do that are messing with those WiSHes coming to you.


If you've ever seen the WiSHing Faery perform at a festival or perhaps experieinced a WiSH Workshop, you will love this new book.  It has a fun Feed the Faeries and get the Goblin Goo off of you" section along with the fantastical faery fun art work from "The Little Book of WiSHing", but WiSH = What is Stated, Happens, digs deeper into the WiSHing process and tells true tales of WiSHes coming true using each step in this four step WiSHing process.


Though told in a fantasy, faery filled way, this information is backed by science and follows teachings similar to those found in books like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep do we know?"  It's like the Law of Attraction meets the Faery Realm in Seuss style rhyme... though it doesn't rhyme all the time.

This book is great for ages 13 and up.

book - WiSH = What is Stated, Happens

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