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How to Get Your BEST WiSHes to Come True is great for ages. 8-88... It's not just for kids, its for adults too...anyone who needs to remember what to do so their BEST WiSHes will come true.  It's been described as The Law of Attraction meets the Faery Realm as told by Dr.Seuss. (Please note: Seuss is not the author, but I feel like I channel his glorious gift)

This "Little WiSHing Book" goes through what steps you can take to boost the WiSHes you make. 

If you've ever been inside the Whimsical WiSH Wagon, you will see that the First Step : WiSH Formulation is a part of the Wagon... but there are three more steps that take you to the next levels so all your BEST WiSHes will start coming your way.

Everything in this book is reviewed and approved by a Childhood Development Specialist so it will help guide your child (and you!) to a better life. The graphics in this book are vibrant and entertaining with fun, fantastical Faeries frolicking throughout. 

Each book comes with a special little magnifying glass so you can get a closer look at this little book.




book - How to Get Your BEST WiSHes to Come True

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  • This book is part of a series called "The Little Book of WiSHing". 

    Each book is 3"x4" and comes with a fun magnifying glass so you can look deeper at the graphics and perhaps see the small type better (if your eyes are like mine).

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