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WHO . . .

I'm Penelope V. Pendragon, the creator of the Whimsical WiSH Wagon – best described as Law of Attraction meets the Faery Realm as narrated by Dr Suess.


People call me the WiSHing Faery because I demonstrate how to get your best WiSHes to come true by ‘feeding Faeries’ (Good thoughts) and making the ‘Goblins’ (Bad thoughts) go away (It is your choice whether or not they stay)... My job is to show you the way to a better brighter day.

My stories are in verse and rhyme (though I don't rhyme all the time)

They are typically aimed at kids (the adults catch on pretty quick).


In my ‘past life’ I climbed the corporate ladder from production assistant to Creative Director, a strong presence of promotions and marketing throughout.  I have a degree in television broadcasting and another in marketing communications. My graphics design skills are self taught, my super power is creativity and I use it as often as possible with everything from magnificent marketing materials to the whimsical WiSH Wagon.

I'm using all of these skills in this journey to promote World Peace.


In order to grow, 

everyone needs to know...

Peace in the


starts with your


of the world

and it grows out from there

(this is the base of the message I share)

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