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How to Feed the Faeries and Get the Goblin Goo Off Of You is great for ages 4 - 104... It's not just for kids, its for adults too...anyone who needs to remember that what they say is shaping their day (and their life) so if you have a friend who is dealing with struggle and strife, this is a good book to gift.

This "Little WiSHing Book" goes through what to do to feed the Faeries so they bring your BEST WiSHes to you and how to get the Goblin Goo off of you.  Hint: It's all about energy!

The contents are designed to teach all ages about ways to bring up their energy and release the stress mess.  It shows a simple way to remember that your attitude determines your day and what good or bad things might come your way. 

Everything in this book is reviewed and approved by a Childhood Development Specialist so it will help guide your child (and you!) to a better life.  The graphics in this book are vibrant and entertaining with fun, fantastical Faeries frolicking throughout.




book - How to Feed the Faeries and get the Goblin Goo off of you

  • This book is part of a series called "The Little Book of WiSHing". 

    Each book is 3"x4" and comes with a fun magnifying glass so you can look deeper at the graphics and perhaps see the small type better (if your eyes are like mine).

  • If you need to return the book, please just let us know.

    It would be helpful if you state why... so we can grow.

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